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Turboglow utilizes the same core technology as the Turborain unit. The solar



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1.   What comes in the Turbo Rain kit?

      Everything you need except for the collection tank and the irrigation. We include the Turbo Rain system ( housed in a handy carrying    
      case with pump, charge control and timer built right in) ,with battery, 20-watt solar panel, filter, and other connections to help you  
      connect to a tank or collect water from a pond.



2.  What is Turbo Rain designed to pump?

     Turbo Rain is designed to pump water only.  Dangerous chemicals including gasoline are prohibited.

     Turbo Rain can pull water vertically at least 6 feet and can also pump uphill. With a fully charged

     battery, Turbo Rain can operate from 2 to 4 hours. You can pump from rain barrels, large tanks, even

     ponds and lakes. Turbo Rain is perfect for pumping through a garden hose, drip emitter irrigation

     system, or even through a lawn sprinkler (one zone at a time).



3.  Are there different options I can choose from?

     Your retailer has all the options, but we offer 3.3 and 4.5 gallon per minute pumps, mechanical timer or

     fully automatic hands free programmable timer, float switch to prohibit running without water, rain /

     freeze sensors to interrupt the auto watering cycles if it has recently rained, plus many more.  Contact

     Garden Green EcoSolutions, LLC or your retailer.



4.   What is the difference between the manual timer model and fully automatic model?

     The manual timer model comes with a 30- minute spring wound timer.  Operator needs to activate the

     watering time and system will automatically shut off.  The fully automatic model has a 17 event

     programmable timer for hands free watering, and also comes with accessory port(s) to connect a low

     water float switch and a rain / freeze sensor to interrupt the watering cycle when it has recently rained.

     Other than activation and accessory port options, the models are identical.



5.   Can I mount the Turbo Rain on top of the tank or on the ground?

     Turbo Rain is designed to be mounted on top of the tank.  We supply 4 feet of pick up tubing that will

     allow water to be drawn up to the Turbo Rain pump from the bottom of the tank. Mounted on top, we

     recommend you add a vacuum breaker to the output side of pump to break the suction vacuum created.

     However, you may install on ground level pulling water directly from the tank opening on the bottom.

     Since the Turbo Rain system has a flow through diaphragm pump mounted inside, water will flow out

     the tank and through the pump until tank is empty.  To stop this, use a manual shut off valve, a light

     spring loaded check valve or a battery operated water irrigation timer (spigot type) between the tank and

     the Turbo Rain system. Call garden Green EcoSolutions with questions.



6.   Does Turbo Rain pump with pressure?

     Turbo Rain will pump with a maximum pressure of 45 psi., at which point the pressure switch on top of

      the pump will activate and shut off the pump.  Releasing the pressure, the pump will start up again and

      resume pumping water.



7.   How many drip irrigation emitters do I need for the Turbo Rain to work properly?

      You can run a very few emitters up to hundreds of emitters, depending upon the flow rate of the emitter. We highly recommend you  
      install a simple water pressure by pass valve to enable the pump to run smoothly and at the optimum amperage.  Please note, since
      this is a solar powered system it is always a good idea to use the highest flow rated emitter possible to enable adequate watering in  
      the least amount of time. This saves battery power, and in turn requires less direct sunlight to recharge battery back to 100%.



8.   How do I install a water pressure by pass valve?



9.   Turbo Rain is not pumping water, where is my problem?

      Your problem could be a discharged battery, or air seeping into the water intake side of the pump.  Charge

      battery and inspect all fittings for leaks. Always use Teflon tape where instructed, and inspect all quick

      connect fittings with female threads for rubber ‘O” ring.


10. Must I use the quick connect irrigation fittings?

      No. Turbo Rain was designed to be user friendly, with quick connect fittings for easy use. If you do not

      intend to move Turbo Rain, you can direct connect the system to the filter.



11. What is the function of the filter provided?

      The filter stops debris in your rainwater from entering the diaphragm pump inside Turbo Rain and

      clogging it up. It also keeps debris from entering your drip emitters and reducing water flow. Not using

      the filter will void the pump warranty.



12. What happens if I do not clean the filter?

      The filter should be cleaned based on the quality and cleanliness of your collected rainwater. If a filter is

      not cleaned, it will start to restrict the volume of water that can be pulled to the pump for irrigation, and

      your plants will get less and less until completely plugged. Eventual damage to the pump will occur.



13. How do I clean the filter?

      Use a bottle brush and clean under running water.  It only takes a minute.



14. I left the top cover to Turbo Rain open and it rained, did I do damage?

      Possibly. There are weep holes drilled inside the top compartment under the cover to allow water to seep

      out to the lower battery  / wire compartment. It is a good idea to use the plastic cover provided with the

      auto timer model. I would remove fuse, and allow system to dry out in the sun.  Call the experts at

      Garden Green if system will not restart.


15. How do I know if my battery is fully charged?

      The red light on the charge controller with blink slowly and the green light will illuminate when fully

      charged. If you plug the solar panel into the solar quick connect port on Turbo Rain, and red light does

      not illuminate when solar panel is exposed to sun, first check the 10 amp fuse to see if it is blown, then

      check wires from solar panel all the way into the charge controller.  If the red light flashes without green

      light being on, there is a connection / battery issue the needs to be resolved. The job of the charge

      controller is to monitor voltage from solar panel to battery, and protecting battery from over charge. The

      standard battery supplied contains a maximum capacity of 18 amp hours.



16. How do I know if my solar panel is performing at maximum?

      Every system is sold with a 20 watt solar panel with a 10 foot power cord with quick connection to the

      Turbo Rain.  Solar panels perform better with unobstructed, direct sun light.  Tree braches blocking the

      solar panel will reduce the power output significantly. The maximum output expected in good sun light

      is approximately 1 to 1.25 amps of power back to the battery for every hour of sun light. This can be

      measured by using a DC power meter set to amps. Solar panels should be pointed to the south for best

      operation. Back up plan would be to point east for morning sun, or west for late day sunlight. If battery

      continues to run low on power, you may need to reposition solar panel, add a second solar panel, or

      evaluate the amp usage for the pump. (Fist install water pressure by pass valve).



17. Can I add multiple solar panels?

      The standard charge controller is rated at 3 amps.  You can use a maximum of 2-20 watt solar panels.



18. How long can the Turbo Rain pump run?

      The diaphragm pump manufacturer recommends running for 30 minutes and then a cool down period of

      at least 15 minutes.  There is a thermal protector on the motor, and will activate when the pump gets too

      hot.  If you need to irrigate for an hour, break up the watering task in 2 – 30 minute segments with a cool

      down period in between.  Since ambient temperature will affect pump temperature, watering in morning

      hours may provide for longer run time than afternoon hours.



19. How much battery power will the pump consume?

      The standard 3.3 gallon per minute pump will consume 4 to 9 amps per each hour of use, depending

      upon the watering load it is placed under.  It is always better to minimize the amp usage and burden on

      the pump.  (see water pressure by pass) . Pumping up hill will place a greater burden on the pump and

      consume amperage (power). Using a DC amp meter, you can measure the actual amps consumed each

      hour of pumping, and compare to solar panel output for each hour of sunlight.



20. What happens if the pump runs without water?

      The pump can run dry without damage, however pump will consume battery power. To avoid

      consuming battery power, add a float switch which hooks directly into accessory port (auto model

      only).  Running dry for long periods may shorten life of valve section of pump.



21. I want to run with low water float switch and a rain / freeze sensor.  What do I need?

      You need to order dual accessory ports with the Auto Turbo Rain model. The rain freeze sensor will allow you to delay the auto   
      watering cycle in case of recent rain, and will not allow pump to run when temperatures dip near freezing.



22. What do I do with Turbo Rain in winter or off season?

      Turbo Rain can sit outdoors. Always run the Turbo Rain pump dry to eliminate any water inside the valve section.  Keep the solar   
      panel connected to keep battery charged. Turbo Rain can also be brought indoors, where it is a good idea to maintain the battery with 
      a trickle charger.  See your Turbo Rain dealer for an indoor trickle charger with connections to Turbo Rain and alligator clips to 
      connect directly to the battery.





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