Collecting rainwater is easy, but relying on water flowing out the bottom spigot of a rain barrel to your garden will prove to be ineffective and very frustrating. We recognized that the weak link in rain barrel harvesting is actually getting the water to flow out so you can use it and this

is why we invented Turborain, to "Turbo Charge" your rain barrel, collection tank, pond or lake so you can find innovative ways to use collected water. Turborain provides a complete, sustainable irrigation solution by providing a practical and efficient way to pump collected rainwater to your garden, flower beds or shrubbery.


TurboRain makes the bottom spigot on a rain barrel obsolete. We utilize a "wand" that can easily be retrofitted to any existing rain barrel, collection tank or water source. The wand is mounted on the top of the source, where a quick connect fitting mates with the TurboRain pump. The wand extends down to the bottom where rainwater is automatically drawn up to the TurboRain and pumped out to meet your irrigation needs. Because of the "top draw" technology, the rain barrel can be buried in the ground.


The TurboRain is powered with an internal 12 volt battery, providing hours of pumping time on a charged battery. Because there are no dangerous power cords to deal with, one TurboRain can easily and safely be moved to multiple collection and distribution points.


If you do not have room for a storage tank at your downspout, or if you consider it to be an eyesore, Turborain has a unique solution. Our Hybrid TurboRain model can automatically pump rain water from the downspout to storage tanks hidden on your property. Hide it behind a shed or tree, or bury the tank on your property. Then when you are ready to pump the harvested rain water to your garden, use the "hybrid" feature and connect the TurboRain to the "wand " connection and sustainable irrigation just became a reality.


All Turborain can be easily recharged with a solar panel or electrical trickle charger. To learn more about the Turborain lineup, click here.


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